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Celebrating Being Able to Read with Ease

Imagine removing the reading barrier for your child and witnessing firsthand a huge increase in your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem!

Y Literacy can help you achieve this!

Is Your 7+ Year Old Child Reading Below Grade Level?

  • Are you not getting the support you need to help your child with reading?
  • Have you been in meetings with your child’s teachers or other professionals, but never felt that you have gotten answers that will actually help your child OVERCOME the struggle with reading?
  • Perhaps you’ve been told your child will always struggle with reading, so will have to settle for the “fact” that your child needs to be placed in a special setting or special classes that will allow for the support your child needs?
  • Maybe you are spending hard-earned money on tutoring, but continue to see your child struggle with the reading process?
  • Would you love to see real improvement in your child’s reading in as little as 6 weeks?

It's time to take matters into your own hands!

take matters into own hands

Have you noticed ANY of the following behaviors in your child?

  • Complete avoidance of reading
  • Difficulty with reading of the words on a page
  • Easily distracted when reading
  • Frequent skipping over of words or entire lines
  • Difficulty following multi-step instructions
  • Difficulty retaining information about what was read
  • Movement of reading material closer and/or farther when reading
  • Quickly feels ill, tired or hungry when reading
  • Reading is a slow and laborious task

How Awesome Would it Be to:

  • Understand why your child is having difficulty with reading
  • Know how to help your child yourself 
  • Stop paying for tutoring that isn’t targeting your child’s specific needs
  • Be able to honor your child’s strengths in his/her path to reading success
  • Finally stop being encouraged to do the same thing over and over again with little results
  • Stop torturing both you and your child with endless worksheets and homework in hopes it helps with reading
  • Build a stronger relationship with your child as the struggle with reading is overcome
  • Make school homework much easier to work through, allowing for more quality time as a family
mother reading with child

I know you’re tired of hearing promises that don’t work out! It’s Beyond Frustrating

For you… but especially for your child

You know how much easier life would be if your child could read with ease!

Like when the teacher calls upon your child to read aloud and your child could fulfill that request with confidence instead of wanting to vomit!

Or maybe it’s the tests that you know your child would pass if only the questions could be read accurately and with comprehension!

Or when your child is with a friend who notices how difficult it was for your child to read something and suddenly your child feels embarrassed!



Amber: “My son had been behind on grade expectations all through his elementary grades. We decided to find answers ourselves since teachers can only do so much yet all kids learn differently. My son never wanted to read and hated when he had to do writing assignments. When his dad and I would help him at home, he would flip words mid-sentence. We decided to work on Winning at Reading with him and, in a short amount of time, he made great strides in his reading! He is now reading with confidence in front of his class and is understanding what he is reading. His teacher this year is very happy with his reading. We are very pleased with the progress he has made through Winning at Reading and know that, with continued practice, it will only get better!”

Sierra: “I’m beyond happy with the results my son has experienced since working on Winning at Reading with him! He has achieved more growth in his reading than on any other program by far!”

Jenna: “This works! After years of meeting with the school and taking my daughter for tutoring, I finally have answers and understand how to support her! I didn’t believe I had what it takes to help my daughter myself, but I’m thrilled to report that she’s now reading. Her reading ability and confidence have improved so much since working through Winning at Reading. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Benefits of working through "Winning at Reading: The All-Inclusive Reading Program Where Everybody Wins":

  • You will save TIME and MONEY by no longer needing never-ending tutoring sessions or having to research why your child is reading below grade level!
  • You will finally understand how to support your child with reading based on your child’s INDIVIDUAL needs!
  • You will learn exactly how to determine the root of your child’s difficulty with reading and how to work with your child to overcome it!
  • You can finally stop guessing about what your child needs or how you can help! 
  • You will have an increase in quality time as a family once fights over homework and reading are removed!
  • Your child will embrace his/her strengths and abilities, resulting in increased self-confidence!
  • You get LIFETIME access to the program for LESS than a couple months of tutoring typically costs!
family winning at reading

In Winning at Reading, You Will Learn:

  • How to do a thorough informal assessment with your child to determine specific reading needs. No more trial and error on reading methods that may or may not be what’s needed.

  • Once your child’s specific reading needs are determined, you will then be led to the modules that will best support your child in removing the reading barrier.

  • Module 1 goes through warning signs of various struggles with reading.

  • Module 2 goes through how to do an informal assessment and provides access to all materials and video demonstrations needed to support you with this.

  • Module 3 shows how to use the information gathered in Module 2 to determine the root of the struggle as well as an explanation of how to proceed through the rest of the course based on your findings.

  • Modules 4 through 12 are as needed based on the findings from the previous modules.

  • This is sure to be the last big purchase you will need to make to finally get answers and help your child improve in reading, saving you time, money and energy!

Winning at Reading Breakdown:

  • Winning at Reading breaks reading down into 12 easily digestible core learning modules that take less than 30 minutes to complete.  Plus, you only need to work through the ones specific to your child after working through the first 3!

  • Audio and visual lessons and demonstrations

  • Downloadable PDF documents for your personal use

  • Immediate access to all course contents

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and all of its contents, including any future updates and bonus materials added!

  • BONUS Higher Level Reading eBook

  • BONUS 10 Crucial Steps to Take to Develop a Confident Young Reader and 5 Tips for Fostering a Reading Environment for Our Kids PDF downloads

  • BONUS Ability to book one COMPLIMENTARY 1-1 support call with Sherry directly to answer any questions you may have when working through the program

  • BONUS Ongoing Email support


B's Story:

B., an 11 year old boy, hated reading even though he told his dad, an avid reader, that he wished he could learn to read like him. B. was the class clown in school. He always had something funny to say and would sometimes be removed from the class due to his antics. Test writing was hard. B. frequently received a failing grade on tests. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the material. It was that he didn’t know how to read the questions. His struggle with reading was often overlooked because he was so verbal and outgoing in class. After just a few short months of working on Winning at Reading, B. asked his dad to listen to him read. His dad had heard him read before and it was a bit painful TBH. However, this time his dad was shocked! There had clearly been a dramatic improvement in B.’s reading! Reading together is now done on a regular basis and has become cherished quality time for the two of them!

satisfaction guaranteed

Your success is Y Literacy’s success! Y Literacy gives you 30 days to fully access Winning at Reading. If you truly don’t get value from the program,  simply submit all coursework from the first 3+ modules along with a note letting us know how the course can be improved for others taking it in the future to Y Literacy within 30 days and your money will be fully refunded.  No refund is given after 30 days. At the end of the day, we both want the same thing… to successfully remove the reading barrier for those you love the most!

this course is not for you if:

  • You are looking at teaching your 4-year old to read… this course is specifically for individuals whose children have been taught using traditional methods of teaching reading, but continue to struggle with the process. It has already been determined that traditional methods are not what your child needs more of.
  • You “kind of” want to help your child… This course will require commitment and effort, especially at first as you are working through discovering what exactly your child needs. The rewards will be fantastic, but effort must be put in for your child to succeed! It isn’t a huge commitment once programming is decided upon based on your child’s needs (30 minutes or less per day a few days per week max), but it will still require commitment.
  • You have no desire to work with your child yourself… that’s fine. You wouldn’t be the only one, but please don’t enroll in this course if you don’t have someone to work directly with your child.
  • You are certain your child will never become a reader and have given up hope… if the intention and right attitude isn’t there, this likely isn’t the course for you. I’m a firm believer that expectations foster results and, if it’s believed nothing will work, then that’s the vibe that will be given off to your child, becoming even more frustrating and defeating.
  • You already have all of the help and answers you need… Great! If you’ve found something that is working for your child and are already getting the results you desire, keep going with that!

this course IS for you if:

  • You are passionate about finally getting answers and seeing results for your child… this course definitely digs deep into the reading profile of your child. As you work through it, you will know exactly how to help your child based on his/her individual needs.
  • You are passionate about taking the lead in helping your child increase his/her current reading level..No more relying on the opinions and guesses of others as to what your child needs. You will learn what to look for and exactly what your child needs for yourself as well as how to implement the necessary steps as you work through this course!
  • You are ready to be consistent in helping your child overcome the reading barrier… Consistency will get the best results for you and for your child… even if this means being consistent for 15-30 minute time blocks as little as 2-3 times per week!
  • You are ready to spend less time and money on tutoring and homework and to spend more quality time as a family… Imagine the time that will be freed up each week by having your child grasp reading! 
  • You are willing to put in the time and effort required… If so, by the end of the course, your child will be well on his/her way to the reading path of success! 
ready to get results

Winning at Reading: The All-Inclusive Reading Program Where Everybody Wins!

1 Payment of Only



3 Payments of $367

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How long will it take to see real results in my child’s reading level? That’s the million dollar question! I can’t tell you an exact time frame because it will really depend on the root of your child’s reading struggle and the consistency and effort put into the course implementation. I can tell you that many start seeing noticeable results within 30 days once the targeted approach based on the individual’s needs becomes the focus. That doesn’t mean you will be able to stop working on reading after that, however. It DOES usually mean that your child is becoming increasingly confident and, therefore, is much more receptive to the work being done, though. ; ) 
  •  Is my child too old for this? People are never too old to learn how to read. There was recently a man in his 80s at one of the local tutoring centers who enrolled so he could learn how to read the bible to his grandchildren. If the reading barrier could be removed for this man in his 80s, I’m confident your child can learn how to read once the reading barrier is removed as well!
  • Would this work for an adult in my life who struggles with reading? Yes, definitely! Do note, however, that this program is designed for another adult to be supporting the individual who has difficulty with reading.
  • Does it matter that I’m not a teacher? Nope, not at all! The course gives both instruction and video demonstrations along with any downloadable PDF documents that will be needed. In addition to this, you will have Sherry’s support along the way. The truth is that some universities don’t teach teachers how to teach reading, and the ones that do generally only teach the traditional approaches to reading as opposed to also teaching about factors that can interfere with an individual’s ability to be able to read with ease. Inside Winning at Reading, you have access to everything you need based on Sherry’s YEARS of personal research, findings and experience in this area!
  •  How much time does this take each day? The number of days per week working on a program will vary depending on the schedule in your household (I have 4 kids… I get it!) There is a recommendation that no longer than 30 minutes on any given day be dedicated to the program in order for it to remain fun and beneficial for your child. Ideally, however, you would likely want to commit to 15-30 minute sessions at least 2-3 days per week. Whatever works for you, consistency will be key!
Sherry M Lee - Y Literacy

Y Literacy's story

Hi, I’m Sherry! I have worked as a resource teacher for more than 15 years. A lot of this time has been dedicated to helping students learn to read. In this position, one of the questions I have been asked over and over by parents has been, “Why is my child reading below grade level?”

To be honest, I sat in way too many meetings staring blankly at parents, not knowing what to say. It was heartbreaking!

I knew that a struggle with reading rarely meant a lack of intelligence. In fact, the majority of students I worked with were highly intelligent, yet struggled to read. Sadly, some were even put in specialized classes simply based on their reading level alone. Yet they clearly didn’t belong there.

I became determined to do something about this! Not understanding what was at root of reading difficulties was not acceptable to me. I had been trained in numerous reading programs over the years, yet none of them worked on their own for each and every student I taught that struggled with reading. I also trained in alternative methods, most of which I funded myself for to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars.

The more I learned, the more fascinated I became with the process! To add to this, a couple of my own children struggled a bit with reading for awhile. What eventually worked for

those two were alternative methods… each of them required something different, yet neither of them required anything complicated! We were able to quickly rectify their struggles with reading once I understood what was at the root of their struggles.

This fascinated me even more! I became determined to put resources together to help other parents avoid long-term reading struggles with their child. 

As a parent of 4 children, I have a strong sense of appreciation that, even within families, each child has unique learning strengths… strengths that need to be honored and valued! 

I am passionate about enhancing the lives of individuals by helping them to believe in themselves. Overcoming a struggle with reading not only increases literacy skills, it also provides an increased sense of belonging and self-confidence!

Why the name Y Literacy? There are so many reasons behind the name. When Y Literacy was being created, I was asked why. I have so many answers to this… because everyone can learn!… because each learning style needs to be honored!… because learning differently does not mean the same as not able to learn!… because it is up to us to discover how to tap into how our kids learn best!… because OUR KIDS ARE WORTH IT!