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Y Literacy currently offers the following resources for parents:

Y Literacy Winning at Reading: The All-Inclusive Reading Program Where Everybody Wins

Winning at Reading: The All-Inclusive Reading Program Where Everybody Wins!

Winning at Reading is a premium course that provides step-by-step guidance for parents as they work through helping their child or other loved ones get to the root of a reading struggle. Winning at Reading is designed to help individuals break through their reading barrier once and for all! Winning at Reading not only results in increased literacy skills, but also an increase in an individual's sense of self-confidence and self-esteem! Ongoing email support and a complimentary 1-1 support call are offered as parents work through the course.

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Reading Made Easy: The Must-Have Guide for Every Parent Helping Their Reluctant Reader with Reading!

So many reading programs claim to have the “one” solution to a reading difficulty when the reality is that the real solution depends on what is at the root of a reading struggle. Reading Made Easy is the ultimate guide for closing the gap on why an individual may be having difficulty with reading. It goes over various roots of reading difficulties and signs to look for regarding each. Simple and targeted solutions are provided for working through each root to get your struggling reader on a successful reading path once and for all.

Let Y Literacy help you support Your Loved One with Winning at Reading!