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Reading Made Easy: The Must-Have Guide for Every Parent Helping Their Reluctant Reader with Reading!

Reading Made Easy is and eBook that is ideal for any parent looking for answers and solutions for their struggling young reader. So many reading programs claim to have the “one” solution to a reading difficulty. The reality is that the real solution depends on what is at the root of an individual’s struggle with reading. This will be different for everyone. Reading Made Easy is the ultimate guide for parents helping their children with reading. This eBook closes the gap on reasons individuals have difficulty with reading. It goes over various roots of reading difficulties and signs to look for regarding each. It contains simple and targeted solutions for helping struggling readers work through each root to get them on a successful reading path once and for all.

Reading Made Easy eBook

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What Others Have Said

Very helpful!
By: Kali Ariyasingam

I purchased this book as a mother to a child with adhd who struggles with reading. It has given me many tools and ideas for strategies to help him further at home. This is a great very informative read and I am very happy with this book. I would highly recommend

Thrilled with my purchase!
By: Dana Harris

I purchased this eBook as a tutor. There are a few kids that I’ve worked with over the years that just didn’t seem to be progressing so I’m always looking for ways I can improve in my methods. This eBook really opened my eyes! Honestly, I had so many aha moments reading it. I strongly feel this is the knowledge I’ve been missing! It breaks the roots of reading difficulties down in an easy to understand manner. I’ve already implemented a couple of targeted strategies with some of my students. This is a book I will be referring to over and over again in my practice. I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase and know I’ll be able to help many more children read because of it!