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About Y Literacy

Hi, I’m Sherry and here’s the story behind Y Literacy.

I have worked as a resource teacher for more than 15 years. A lot of this time has been dedicated to helping students learn to read. In this position, one of the questions I have been asked over and over by parents has been, “Why is my child reading below grade level?”

To be honest, I sat in way too many meetings staring blankly at parents, not knowing what to say. It was heartbreaking!

I knew that a struggle with reading rarely meant a lack of intelligence. In fact, the vast majority of students I worked with were highly intelligent, yet struggled with reading. Sadly, some were even placed in specialized classrooms simply based on their reading level alone. Yet they clearly didn’t belong there.

I became determined to do something about this! Not understanding what was at the root of reading difficulties was not acceptable to me. I had been trained in numerous reading programs over the years, yet none of them worked on their own for each and every student I taught that struggled with reading. I also trained in alternative methods, most of which I funded myself for to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

The more I learned, the more fascinated I became! To add to this, a couple of my own children struggled a bit with reading for awhile. What eventually worked for those two were alternative methods… each of them required something different, yet neither of them required anything complicated! We were able to quickly rectify their struggles with reading once I understood what was at the root of their struggles.

This fascinated me even more! I became determined to put resources together to help other parents avoid long-term reading struggles with their child. 

As a parent of 4 children, I have a strong sense of appreciation that, even within families, each child has unique learning strengths… strengths that need to be honored and valued! 

I’m passionate about enhancing the lives of individuals by helping them to believe in themselves. Overcoming a struggle with reading not only increases literacy skills, it also provides an increased sense of belonging and self-confidence!

Why the name Y Literacy? There are so many reasons behind the name. When Y Literacy was being created, I was asked why. I have so many answers to this… because everyone can learn!… because each learning style needs to be honored!… because learning differently does not mean the same as not able to learn!… because it is up to us to discover how to tap into how our kids learn best!… because OUR KIDS ARE WORTH IT!