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Ready to help your child's reading Go from Strained to Stellar?

  • ​Does your 7+ year old struggle with reading?
  • Are the traditional means and ways of teaching reading not working for your child?
  • Are you not finding the support you need to help you child with reading?

So many reading programs and resources claim to have the "ONE" solution for all struggling young readers. The reality is that the real solution depends on what's at the root of your child's specific reading needs. This is different for everyone!

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Meet the EduMom behind Y Literacy:

As a resource teacher for more than 15 years, Sherry M Lee has guided students of all ages on their reading journeys.

However, it wasn't until a couple of her own kids were struggling with reading despite being a teacher of it that she realized that there is a lot more involved with reading than just reinforcing the traditional approaches.

It was through breaking down various factors that play a role in reading difficulties and approaching reading in alternate ways that targeted what's at the root of these reading needs that got her own children on a successful reading path. Sherry spent nearly $40,000 learning this!

She particularly recalls how one of her daughters quickly went from screaming in attempt to avoid reading each night to suddenly reading and LOVING it! It was then Sherry realized that this information had to be shared with other parents so they can also get their children on a successful reading path.

Our children CAN learn to read when the right approach specific to their individual reading needs is used!

Sherry M Lee, founder of Y Literacy

What KIDS are saying about Y Literacy!

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"I don't feel like I have a reading disorder anymore!"

- 12 year old

kids talking

"It feels good to read better. Now I can read bigger books."

- 8 year old

kids talking

"Before, when I couldn't read, I hated reading. Now that I can read, I love it!"

- 11 year old

Overcoming a struggle with reading not only increases literacy skills, it also provides an 
increased sense of belonging and self-confidence!

Y Literacy? Because OUR KIDS ARE WORTH IT!

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